Hotel Reservation Software

Our Hotel Reservation Software is a 24 hour-service with managing several ways of cost control, including multiple room reservation and other services such as a transfer from a hotel etc.

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Hotel Reservation Software

A competition in hotel industry today increases and we, therefore, consider an urgent demand of hotel industry and design a special and safe online software so that customers from around the world can view data and reserve rooms 24 hours. With its simple management you can reckon with higher sale figures for your hotel.

Hotel Reservation Software Features

  • A 24 hour service.
  • Cost-controlling in different periods.
  • Unlimited control of room vacancy
  • Multiple room reservation
  • Various hotel services such as a discount etc.
  • A transfer service to the airport or other places.
  • Payment system via credit cards both Visa and Master Card.

Hotel Online Reservation Management

  • Easily cost adjustment at all time; quickly results showing on screens; immediate consequences according to new room rates changes.
  • Personalization and memory system for further marketing strategies.
  • Items showing of room reservation.

* The above-mentioned character is only a standard one of a system. Please contact for more information or our marketing department

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