Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software is a program of buying and selling goods and services via internet. You can sell your products without having a shop at economical rates. It is also less risky and very popular at present.

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Shopping Cart Software

For you who intends to build a website for buying and selling goods and online service we offer you a shopping cart program created by a skilled staff team who fully understands e-commerce and are capable of fulfilling your requirements in relation to your budget and business.

If you wish to open an online shop, but are still reluctant or worried, shopping cart system may be your interesting alternative as it is cheap and less risky. Whoever you are, please contact us when you consider the choice of selling goods online and everything will be just easy for you.

Shopping Cart Software Features

It is a kind of e-commerce, in which shopping cart is provided to assist people making purchases online. It is also designed to use easily, beautiful and be ready to work promptly. Online shop is uncomplicated to open and you are not required to have knowledge of building websites or editing program.

Advantages and dominant characters of having shopping cart software

  • Cheap, easily usable, available both in English and Thai.
  • Unlimitedly classifying items in many level.
  • Putting images and logo in front of your shop.
  • Putting maps of your shop and additional function.
  • Showing promotion production.
  • Having a system of product stock.
  • Putting news and promotion of your shop.
  • Having a shopping cart.
  • Approved by electronic commercial registration.

Main features of ready-made and online shops

Cheap, easy to use, provide shopping cart and stock of goods system to help organise your online goods. Our ready-made shop also supplies system of system caretaker management, adding system caretakers as desired, system of email management and plenty of other additional functions.

Who will suit E-Commerce?

Whoever intends to commence and own his online shop, but is still reluctant or worried, ready- made shop is one of attracting alternatives, which is currently popular and inexpensive. When you are interested in selling goods online, no matter who you are, it is simple to begin as our ready-made shop is convenient to use. Simply contact us!

* The above-mentioned character is only a standard one of a system Please contact for more information or our marketing department.

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