House & Condo Sales Software

Our House & Condo Sales Management provides capability of making items at the same time in several branches globally, issuing reservation documents, cost offering paper, contract, receipt, checking monthly payment on credit, informing about business transactions in various kinds.

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House & Condo Sales Software

Houses are our first demand in life and everyone wants to have his own house. This makes estate and property business surge. Thus, we intend to be in support of this business and have developed the program to increase efficiency and reduce complication and delay of data for you.

House & Condo Sales Software Features

  • Making items at the same time in several branches globally.
  • Issuing reservation document.
  • Issuing cost offering paper.
  • Issuing house contract.
  • Issuing receipt.
  • Checking monthly payment on credit.
  • Informing about business transactions.

House and Condo Management

  • Unlimited numbers of house complex
  • Cost controlling for both house and condominium
  • Setting diverse kinds of house model
  • Adding or reducing bonus

* The above-mentioned character is only a standard one of a system. Please contact for more information or our marketing department.

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