Webboard Software

Webboard software is a program to inform news, exchange information, set a question and express opinion and it is allowed to visit websites, which makes it very popular on the internet.

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Webboard Software

It is a program, which has a function as a notice board, to inform news and exchange information which is very popular on the internet. Webboard allows everyone to visit and he can set a question and express opinion. It is said that webboard is a newest system of having a conversation and exchanging opinion on the internet.

Advantages of Webboard

  • Being a way of getting in contact, reporting news and information and exchanging opinion.
  • Building an online community of having conversation and exchanging opinion.
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner, compared with using mailing list or news group.

Why do you choose our webboard ?

  • No need of knowledge of editing program.
  • Content in webboard can be deleted and modified.
  • Specifying screen structure yourself with the management system provided.
  • Having many designs to show results.
  • Your website will be informed about news, movement of your company and system supervisor unlimitedly.

* The above-mentioned character is only a standard one of a system Please contact for more information or our marketing department.

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